Briut (Health) is Our #1 Priority

We recognize that our world is significantly different this year and we will be transparent about how we’re proceeding on the path towards a safe and successful summer 2021. While we are planning for a typical Camp summer, we will continue to review local and Federal guidelines and the recommendations of the Ramah Darom Medical Committee and of the American Camp Association.

We promise to continue open communication regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic may impact Camp Ramah Darom: our Camp dates, session lengths, camper capacity and overall plans for summer 2021.

Summer 2021 Town Hall meeting recordings: December 28 

How are you planning for 2021?

COVID-19 Planned Protocols

  1. Pre-Arrival Brit (Covenant) and Testing
  2. Creating a Bubble
  3. Kapsulot (Pods)
  4. Program Modifications
  5. Masking
  6. Additional Outdoor Spaces
  7. Handwashing/Sanitizer Stations
  8. Additional Cleaning/Sanitizing

We know that the world is in a constant state of change with new information unfolding almost daily. Amidst this unpredictability, we have crafted three pillars to help guide us in our planning:

  1. Key stakeholders involved in the development of our protocols include:
    • Ramah Darom Medical Committee
    • American Camp Association
    • Georgia Department of Health
    • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
    • National Ramah Medical & Covid Planning Committees
    • Foundation for Jewish Camping
  2. Kids Need Camp: We are doing everything we can to GET KIDS TO CAMP – in one space, away from technology, playing outside and having fun together.
  3. Stronger Together: Keeping our community connected during the coming year through programming is essential. We will continue to offer a variety of virtual gatherings and activities including new camper programs, aidah (age group) activities, community Kabbalat Shabbat and Havdalah programs and more. We plan to partner with our families, community Rabbis and schools to see how Ramah Darom can best support our chanichim (campers) and keep the Ramah spirit strong. We recognize that a summer away from Camp with a 22-month gap, as opposed to a 10-month gap between summers, requires a greater need for connectedness and support.
What are the pre-arrival protocols
  • Brit (Covenant) that we ask families to participate in and sign prior to arrival in order to keep our community safe.
  • Negative Covid-19 molecular test results presented to our medical team upon arrival to Camp. Test to be taken 2-3 days before arriving at Camp.
What is the Ramah Darom Bubble?

We will operate a closed campus to keep everyone safe.

  • Staff will arrive early to quarantine and will not leave campus for their time off.
  • Visitors will not be permitted on campus.
  • Parents/guardians will not be permitted to enter campus at any point.
  • Any workers who do not live at Camp will be required to wear masks and maintain social distance while on campus.
  • At this point in time, we will not be offering Yitziot (trips) into cities and will instead plan for nature-based adventures.
What are Kapsulot (Pods)?
  • Campers will be podded with their bunks for at least 7-10 days.
  • Campers will not need to wear masks in their bunk.
  • The kapsula will move through the Camp program together during at least that initial time period.
  • In camp testing will occur before expanding our kapsulot.
Will my child need to wear a mask at Camp?

We are working closely with our medical and health advisors to assess and design our safety and health procedures and we will keep you updated. See “What are Kapsulot (Pods)?”

What will the Health Center look like?

Mirpa’ah/MARP (Health Center):

  • A separate triage area will be created to isolate those with cold/virus symptoms.
  • A new system will be in place to allow for scheduled MARP appointments in lieu of open sick call.
  • All Health Center staff will have the necessary PPE.
  • If a camper needs to seek medical care outside of Camp, protocols will be in place to safely transport the camper.
  • We will maintain a separate isolation area for those who test positive for COVID-19 during the summer, while the rest of the pod will be a quarantine unit.
Travel: What are the options and expectations?

3 Travel Options:

  1. Buses from Atlanta (campers screened before boarding).
  2. Fly with parent or group guardian (campers screened in the airport or nearby. Hub flights might have COVID-19 screening at the home airport as well).
  3. Parent/guardian can bring children to a location just outside of Camp (campers screened upon arrival).

What We Need From You:

  • All campers near Atlanta are strongly encouraged to take the bus to Camp. (We will work with other communities to set up busing if requested.)
  • Each community will identify adult travel guardians, who will fly with the campers.
  • Travel guardians will supervise, help campers identify their bags, escort them to the meeting site and stay with the campers until they have been cleared by our medical screening.
  • For every 5 campers, we will need a minimum of 1 travel guardian because:
    • We will not be able to meet any flights or escort children to baggage claim.
    • Only children who test negative will be allowed to board the bus to Camp.
    • If a child tests positive, the guardian will be responsible for the child until there is a negative test result.
Social-Emotional Support

Each summer our staff works hard to acclimate campers to the experience of being away from home and to support kids in making new friends as they leave behind the digital world. They guide children and teens in their efforts to try out new skills as they stretch beyond their comfort zone. While we know that our campers have experienced disruption to their lives in countless ways, we are confident that Camp remains a place where kids can relax and have fun, connect with friends, explore Judaism and feel a sense of belonging. We have an exceptional team of camper care professionals who will continue the work of meeting campers where they are at and partnering with parents to support a successful summer at Camp.

If your family is in need of additional support to deal with these trying times, please reach out to Elana Yeffet, Camper Care Coordinator. We encourage you to sign up for one or more of our virtual information sessions to connect with other Camp families, ask questions, meet our team of professionals and more.

Social-Emotional Support: 

  • Camper Care Team of Yoetzim (Advisors) and Inclusion Specialists
  • All About Camp Ramah Darom
  • Coffee with Camper Care Team
  • Kesher (Link) Family Program: Linking new families with veteran families
  • Yoetz Porch
  • Camper Profile: A questionnaire on your Family Dashboard that you will have access to during the registration process that helps us get to know your child and their specific strengths and needs.
  • Partnering with parents
How can I determine whether my child will be ready for a sleep-away experience after so much time at home?

Camp readiness is an important consideration in any summer, and we know you may be wondering whether your child is ready for a first experience, or ready to make the shift from two to four weeks away. We know that currently, we can’t rely on practice sleepovers or overnight school trips as indicators. However, there are many ways to assess how your child might adjust to a camp setting based on current information. As we get closer to Camp, we will be sharing specific ideas on how to best prepare your child for a successful summer.

Please schedule a time to speak to a member of our camper care team about how to make the best determination for your child for Kayitz (Summer) 2021.

Can my family come and tour Camp
While we are not offering personal tours at this time, we are offering virtual campus tours.
What if there are changes or cancellations due to COVID-19?

We are planning for a full return to Camp in summer 2021. Should we be required to limit summer attendance, or in the event the Ramah Darom Medical Committee or the Georgia Department of Health determine we are not able to operate Camp in 2021 due to COVID-related issues, we will offer full refunds to all affected families. However, if a family chooses to voluntarily withdraw prior to any cancellation announcement, or if a family chooses to voluntarily withdraw even if it has been determined we can safely operate Camp, they will be subject to the standard cancellation policy above. In these cases, we will address each situation individually and make exceptions only where there would be a clear medical risk to the camper as determined by the Chair of our Medical Committee. We appreciate your understanding and will communicate any changes, if required, as early as possible.

Peace of Mind Coverage

This year we are fortunate to be able to offer our families Peace of Mind coverage through AMSkier Insurance. This policy will enable you to recoup your lost investment for the unused, non-refundable Camp tuition if your camper cannot attend camp or must leave Camp early for reasons such as illness/injury to the camper or an immediate family member or the death of a family member, and more. Learn more.

Will my 2020 financial aid carry over for summer 2021?

Unless you have previously arranged for your 2020 financial aid to be carried over, families will need to reapply for financial aid. We evaluate each year independently(,) and we want to provide as much support as possible given any current situation your family may be facing.

More information is available on our Financial Aid page.

Will my 2020 One Happy Camper, first-year incentive grant carry over?
While first-year campers are still eligible for the One Happy Camper grant, the application will not roll over, and, thus, you will need to complete the form again. Information and the application can be found here: jewishcamp.org/one-happy-camper
How can I support Ramah Darom right now financially?
Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are experiencing significant financial loss. Your donation to Ramah Darom’s Annual Fund will help us prepare for a safe and FUN Summer 2021 and make Camp more accessible to families of all means. We are truly grateful for any help you might provide.

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If your questions weren’t answered here, please schedule a call and we will be happy to answer any further questions you might have.