Summer 2021 Travel Details


Like most everything else these days, travel to and from Camp will be different – and admittedly, slightly more complicated – this summer.

Below you will find links to detailed travel information that has been posted. Please click on the appropriate link for your campers. We are asking you to confirm your travel plans on your family dashboard by April 5th (the day after Pesach).

Flying? Click here.



  • Campers can fly to/from the Atlanta airport.
  • We will have buses from the Atlanta airport to take campers to/from Camp.
  • We will also have an Atlanta Perimeter drop-off location on closing day of each session.
  • Several communities outside of Atlanta, but within driving distance of Camp, will have a chartered bus on closing day of each session if there is sufficient interest.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS YEAR (due to COVID safety protocols)

  • Ramah Darom staff will not be able to enter the airport in Atlanta, and therefore, not able to meet campers at their gate on opening day OR take campers through security on the way home. We will be relying entirely on parent/guardian volunteers.
  • On opening day of each session, all Atlanta buses will leave from a single location near the Atlanta airport. We will not be offering a Perimeter bus option on opening day this year.
    • All campers arriving by plane, and all local campers, will have a COVID rapid test and lice check before getting on the bus at our airport location.
    • Buses will be primarily organized by Aidah; essentially each kapsula (pod) will begin as soon as the campers board the bus.
  • Drop-offs and pick-ups at Camp will be extremely limited, and parents will not be able to enter the campus
    • As a result, this year we are requiring all Atlanta-based campers (including those from the northern suburbs) to take the bus to/from Camp
  • For communities outside Atlanta but within driving distance of Camp, on opening day we will need to rely on parent carpools. We will only be able to offer chartered buses on closing day.

Please click the appropriate link for detailed information and next steps:

  • Campers flying to the Atlanta airport, click here
  • Campers from Atlanta and surrounding areas, click here
  • Campers who live within driving distance of Ramah Darom but not in the Atlanta area, click here 
  • Campers who typically fly to Atlanta, but this year are considering driving instead, click here

For campers registered in a “Taste of Ramah” session and for our Gesher 2020 campers attending “Darom Days”, in the next couple of weeks, you will receive a separate email with travel details specific to your programs. For full session campers, please note that there will be no travel during intersession this year.

Please read this online information carefully and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Becca at travel@ramahdarom.org

Thanks for your understanding and flexibility as we navigate this unique year together.