2021 Rashei Aidah

Meet the 2021 Camp Ramah Darom Rashei Aidah (Unit Heads)


Rosalie Shays

Rosh Garinim

“There’s no place like Darom! Camp Ramah Darom is my summer home, but more importantly, a place for learning, growth, and meeting incredible people.” 

Favorite Camp Meal: Shabbat Dinner
Favorite Camp Dance: Shir Nehama
I’ve Been to Israel: Twice, one trip was with Birthright and one was to visit friends, including some of the Mishlachat who I worked with at Camp.

Hi, I’m Rosalie and I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina. I think Camp is the best place to spend the summer, so I’m excited to be spending my 14th summer at Ramah Darom. I was a camper for six years (Gesher ’10) and this is my eighth year on staff.  When I am not at Camp, I teach 5th-grade math in Nashville, TN. I can’t wait to welcome our newest chanichim (campers) to their Jewish summer home!

Hannah Gilman

Rosh Nitzanim

“Ramah Darom means everything to me! Camp Ramah Darom brought me my best friends in the world and I can’t wait to see my campers grow up and experience the same amazing feelings.” 

Favorite Camp Meal: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Favorite Camp Dance: Crazy Frog
I’ve Been to Israel: Twice

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m from Coral Springs, Florida. I’m coming back for my 1oth year at Camp this summer because I couldn’t go another year without spending time at my favorite place! I was Gesher ’16 and I love being at Camp and helping campers experience the amazing opportunities that I did while growing up at Camp. When I’m not a Ramah Darom, I attend the University of Florida and study education and psychology. After Camp this summer I’m going to finish up college and then, fingers crossed, get some travel time in 2022!

Marissa Weiner

Rosh Sollelim

“Ramah is the happiest place on earth where I can be my authentic self. I want to make every kid feel that way this summer!!”

Favorite Camp Meal: Biscuits and Soysage
Favorite Camp Dance: Lo Normali
I’ve Been to Israel: Three times and studied abroad there in the Spring of 2020

Hi, I’m Marissa! I’m from Miami, Florida and currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I attended Camp Ramah Darom for seven years as a camper (Gesher ’15) and three years as a counselor on Tzevet Nivonim, Tzevet Media Arts and Tzevet Tikvah. I’m coming back this summer as a Rosh because I want to make sure that Summer 2021 is AWESOME and SAFE for all campers after the tough year we have all had. When I’m not at Camp I love to cook and bake – especially Challah. After Camp, I’m attending graduate school to get a master’s in special education.

Paris Orloff

Rosh Halutzim

“Ramah Darom is the home that will always be there. I’m endlessly thankful for the friendships, memories, and values I have gained and continue to gain from my time at Ramah Darom. I feel just as privileged that I get to give those experiences to the next generation of campers and staff.”

Favorite Camp Meal: Shabbat Dinner
Favorite Camp Dance: Po Ze Lo Europa
I’ve Been to Israel: Twice, Seminar and Nativ!

I’m Paris from Clearwater, Florida. This will be my eighth summer at Camp (Gesher ’15). I’ll gladly spend all of my summers at Ramah Darom, but this summer feels especially important to be back at Camp. After the year we’ve all had, getting back to our Darom community and having that reminder of how fortunate we are to get to go to Camp every summer is more important now than ever. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be back home at Ramah Darom this year! Outside of Camp, I’m a Senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. Last semester, I completed my Sociology major and am now focusing on completing my Jewish Studies major and Israel Studies minor. After Camp, I’ll be completing my final semester at UMD and starting to apply to master’s programs. I hope to take a semester off between graduating and starting my master’s degree to live and work in Israel, but we’ll see where life takes me!

Mira Sykes

Rosh Kochavim

“To me, Ramah Darom means home. It is the community that has carried me my entire life. I have no idea where I would be without my Ramah Darom family.”

Favorite Camp Meal: Biscuits and Soysages or Fried Chicken
Favorite Camp Dance: Po Ze Lo Europa
I’ve Been to Israel: I visited Israel five times before my family made Aliyah in 2013

Hi, I’m Mira! I was born in Marietta, GA and now live in Jerusalem, Israel. I have been coming to Camp since I was born!  I spent eight years in the Gan (for young staff children), one summer as a day camper, then was a camper for eight summers, through Gesher ‘14. I count my summer on Ramah Israel Seminar too! I was on tzevet (staff) for four years, and last year participated in Kayitz Babayit (Summer at Home) as Rosh Sollelim! Combining all of that together this summer will be my 24th summer with Camp. I’m coming back to Camp again this summer because Ramah Darom is the place that allows every chanich/a (camper) and madrich/a (counselor) to show up as their authentic selves. It’s where we grow spiritually, socially, as Jews, and as leaders. I’ve loved Camp my entire life and I can’t imagine spending my summer anywhere other than Ramah Darom. When I’m not at Ramah Darom I am either living and working in Jerusalem or Atlanta as a Jewish experiential educator.

Carly Lerner 

Rosh Shoafim

“To me, Ramah Darom means family, comfort and happiness.

Favorite Camp Meal: Shabbat Dinner
Favorite Camp Dance: Lo Normali!
I’ve Been to Israel: I’ve  been to Israel three times, twice with my family and once on Ramah Israel Seminar!

Hi! I’m Carly and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. I have spent the last 13 summers at Camp, nine as a camper and four on staff. I chose to come back to Camp this summer because, after a long time away from my home away from home, I felt more than ever a need to return to Camp. After so much uncertainty this past year, Camp is a place I feel most comfortable and myself and I look forward to helping campers and Tzevet feel the same way. When I am not at Camp, I am a student at Tulane University, where I’ll be returning following Summer 2021 for my senior year. To me, Ramah Darom means family, comfort, and happiness. 

Lena Stein 

Rosh Nachshonim

“Camp is my happy place and where I feel the most grounded. When I’m stressed or sad, I either think about Camp or call my Camp friends to cheer me up! It’s important to continue doing things in life that bring you joy, and Camp will always be that for me!”

Favorite Camp Meal: If your favorite meal isnt biscuits, I don’t want to talk
Favorite Camp Dance: Yaliyali Yaleelee (because when I was a young camper, my friends called me LeeLee)
I’ve Been to Israel: I’ve been to Israel six times, including my gap year Nativ

My name is Lena Stein and I’m from Boca Raton, FL. I was a camper for seven summers (Gesher ’14) and this will be my fourth summer on staff! After a LONG year, I can’t wait to regroup in my favorite place with my favorite people doing things that I love. I’m currently finishing up my final semester in college at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE). After Camp, I’m moving to New York to pursue a career in graphic design and marketing.

Ilana Gorod

Rosh Nivonim 

Ramah Darom is the reason I am pursuing a career in education. It is the place where I grew up and learned so much about myself. 

Favorite Camp Meal: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 
Favorite Camp Dance: Carmela 
I’ve Been to Israel: I’ve been to Israel three times including Seminar and Nativ!

I’m Ilana from Atlanta, GA. I’ve been coming to Camp for 15 summers, eight as a camper (Gesher ’14), plus Gan and day camp (for children of Camp staff) and five years on staff. I honestly can’t imagine my summers without Camp.   I’m currently studying Elementary Education at the University of Maryland (for one more semester)  and I’ll be moving to Washington, DC after Camp to teach.

Maia Cattan

Rosh Gesher 21

Ramah Darom is the most meaningful Jewish community and the place where I have found both myself and my people.

Favorite Camp Meal: Biscuits
Favorite Camp Dance: Po Ze Lo Europa
I’ve Been to Israel: Five times

Hi, I’m Maia and I currently live in NYC. This will be my 14th summer at Camp – seven as a camper (Gesher ’13) and seven on staff! I chose to come back to Camp this summer because there is nothing I would love more than to spend the kayitz (summer) with the most special community in my favorite place! I am also especially excited to work with Tzevet (staff) Gesher and chanichim (campers) of Gesher 2021 to make this the most incredible kayitz ever! I recently graduated from List College and spent the past year teaching sixth grade history (on Zoom) at a middle school in NYC! 

Sami Frankel

Rosh Gesher 20 Experience

Ramah Darom means home to me. It is the place that instilled an independent Jewish identity in me, the place I met my best friends, the place I learned to be a leader, and the place where I feel I know myself best. I am endlessly grateful for and cannot imagine my life without Ramah.

Favorite Camp Meal: Wednesday’s baked potatoes and beans lunch
Favorite Camp Dance: Hachi Yisraeli
I’ve Been to Israel: I visited Israel six times and now I live here!

My name is Sami and I’m from Cary, NC, New York, NY and Jerusalem! I spent seven years as a chanicha (camper, Gesher ’13) and this summer will be my seventh year on tzevet. I love Camp and spending my summers at Ramah Darom always fills me with energy and love for my community. This summer is going to be such an unusual one, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to consider, prioritize and implement Ramah Darom values and traditions and to continue supporting the community that has supported me for so many years. When I am not at Camp, I spend most of my time reading, teaching, cooking and going on walks around the city with friends. After Camp (like literally the day camp ends), Im getting married! Then, were heading back to Jerusalem, where Ill be tutoring and teaching.