Financial Aid

A principal foundation of Ramah Darom’s mission is a commitment to ensure that any parent has the opportunity to give his or her child the enriching benefits of Ramah Darom. While the majority of financial assistance comes from local sources, Ramah Darom does provide limited scholarships. For those needing additional assistance, we encourage you to speak to your rabbi, contact your local federation and ask community leaders about funding opportunities in your area. We also offer payment plans. Please see our Financial Aid 1, 2, 3 below for more information and for links to applications.

Financial Aid 1 2 3

1. Keep It Local
Contact your local federations and synagogues for information regarding camp scholarships and deadlines. Be sure to also speak with your Rabbi, local Sister/Brotherhoods and Jewish Family Services.

2. Check Out These Resources

One Happy Camper: jewishcamp.org/one-happy-camper

PJ Goes to Camp: pjlibrary.org/beyond-books/pj-goes-to-camp

Local Jewish Federation: jewishfederations.org/federation-finder

The link above will take you to a map.  Simply click on your state, and see a list of all Jewish Federation contacts in your area!

Goldring Jewish Summer Camp Experience: jefno.org

Requirements: Must be residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or the Florida panhandle. Currently in grades 1-9.

Contact: Ellen Abrams at 504-524-4559 or ellen@jefno.org

Deadline: March 31, 2017.

Jewish Children’s Regional Service: jcrs.org

Requirements: Must be a resident of Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, or Oklahoma. Camper should be entering third to twelfth grade as of August 31, 2017.

Contact: 504-828-6334

Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services: ralesjfs.org

Requirements: Residents of Boca Raton and Delray Beach, FL

Contact: Shari Waknin at 561-852-3171 or shariw@ralesjfs.org

Orloff Central Agency for Jewish Education: orloffcaje.org

Requirements: Must reside in Broward County, FL.

Contact: Rochelle Baltuch at camp@orloffcaje.org or at 954-660-2077

Jewish Charleston: jewishcharleston.org/camp/financial-resources

Requirements: Must reside in Charleston, SC

Contact: Sara Chesley at saras@jewishcharleston.org or call 843-614-6491 for free and confidential assistance.

3. Apply for Weinberg Scholarship (Only after completing step 1 and 2)

Families in need of financial assistance for 2018 Summer Camp may apply for Camp Ramah Darom’s Weinberg Scholarship after they have exhausted all other resources. Apply at:  https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/4KRRH 

Please contact Holly Barlow at 404-503-2133 or hbarlow@ramahdarom.org with any questions.

You may also reach our FACTS representative directly by contacting Ellen Nesit at Ellen.nesit@nelnet.net or 866-412-4637 Ext. 51019.

Families must be able to demonstrate their financial need by submitting the full application and required documents by the deadline – February 7, 2018. Priority will be given to applications received by the February 7, 2018 deadline. Limited funds will be available for financial aid applications received after this time. Awards will be announced by April 2018.

Camp Ramah Darom partners with FACTS to process financial aid applications. Families may access the FACTS online application at https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/4KRRH.

FACTS will handle the collection of your financial aid application, supporting documentation and validating the information provided. Our Financial Aid Committee will be reviewing each application and making all final award decisions.

Please be assured that the information you submit to FACTS will be held in the utmost confidence and will be stored securely. You will be required to submit your 2016 Tax Returns with supporting documentation as well as your 2017 W-2 or 1099. You will also be required to submit documentation for any nontaxable income for 2017. You may submit the application before receiving your 2017 W-2 or 1099. The application will be marked incomplete until your 2017 tax information is submitted online to FACTS.

DO NOT SEND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION TO OUR ATLANTA OR CAMP OFFICES. All FACTS applications must be submitted online. There will be a small fee of $23.00 to submit your aid application that is paid directly to FACTS.  If you apply for FACTS financial aid for private school you may add Camp Ramah Darom to your current 2018 application.

If you have any questions regarding financial aid resources or need to work out a payment plan I am happy to assist you.  Please call me directly at 404-503-2133 or email hbarlow@ramahdarom.org.

Holly Barlow
Finance Manager